Johnson Creek Restoration at Luther Road

W2r deployed our UAS to efficiently gather data for project analyses and design efforts.


The Luther Road project area (near SE 76th Avenue and SE Bell Avenue in Portland, Oregon) has undergone several geomorphic changes since former habitat enhancements were constructed in 2014. The greatest changes occurred in late 2015 when the region experienced several high intensity and closely-timed storm events which created higher than average flows over a longer than average duration. Within the project area, Johnson Creek moved laterally in several areas; incised, exposing the Lents Interceptor and damaging constructed grade control structures; created gravel bars; and exposed installed large woody debris.

In response to the changes to the stream within the project area, Portland BES hired Wolf Water Resources (W2r) to design and prepare bid documents that will protect Portland sewer and trail infrastructure, restore the adjacent flood plain, stabilize streambanks, and mitigate stormwater outfalls. W2r’s services spanned concept design to final design and involved floodplain inundation mapping and supporting the client’s permitting efforts. The design involves a roughened channel which will help to stabilize the channel while also providing fish passage during low flows. Bank stabilization measures include a combination of engineered log jam and rock placement.