Marjorie Wolfe, PE, CFM

Going above and beyond to help her team.

After decades of restoring habitat in the rivers and floodplains of Oregon, Washington, and Montana, and having worked for both consultant firms and public agencies, Marjorie founded Wolf Water Resources (W2r) in 2014 to address gaps in the way restoration work was being done. Specifically, she wished to work more closely with nature by learning from each project and restoring an ecosystem’s ability to self-heal, rather than imposing engineered stability (on dynamic systems). In addition, she recognized that many restoration solutions are not entirely technical, but also require engaging with people. W2r’s founding principle of working with nature and partnering with people means recognizing the local communities that live with our projects on a daily basis, and from that, creating a project framework that reflects human needs and values.

Marjorie’s passion and dedication to her work is reflected through her involvement with professional organizations such as River Restoration Northwest, and the ASCE Environmental Water Resources Group. Her free time is spent exploring local streams and forests with her dogs.