Our People

Wolf pack leader. Going above and beyond to help her team.
Principal Engineer, Marjorie Wolfe, PE, CFM
Geomorphologist, father, adventurer
Geomorphologist, Nick Legg, PG
Multi-talented individual: kayaker, juggler, singer, whistler
Engineer in Training, Rowyn Cooper-Caroselli, EIT, CFM
University of Nottingham River Scientist
River Scientist, Colin Thorne, PhD
Project manager, hard core rower, and foodie
Water Resources Engineer, Amanda Jones, PE, ESCM
Managing engineer, father, cyclist
Senior Engineer, Curtis Loeb, PE
Estuarine geomorphologist and climate change specialist
Geomorphologist, Jeremy Lowe
Professional by work week, mountaineer by weekend
Landscape Ecologist, Joe Rudolph
Engineer in Training and sportsman
Engineer in Training, Allen Dysart, EIT
Fisheries biologist and Section 408 specialist
Aquatic Biologist, Darlene Siegel
Geomorphologist,Terril Stevenson
Geomorphologist,Terril Stevenson
Graphics specialist, editor, aerialist, and gardener
Business Director, Diedra Case, LEED AP
Wetland and soil scientist
Wetland Scientist, Cameron Bergen
University of Nottingham Geomorphologist
Geomorphologist, Matthew Johnson
Rachel Wilson Engineering Tech
Engineering Technician, Rachel Wilson, EIT
BiJoux Schoner engineering technician at Wolf Water Resources
Engineering Technician, BiJoux Schoner
Taiga, master napper and snack taster
Plucky, always good for a smile
Pluckminster T. Dog
Scooby, expert escape artist and accomplished vocalist
Flora on her farm