Oxbow Park Stream Restoration Project

For METRO in the Sandy River near Gresham, OR

projects-oxbowThe Oxbow Park project reach is located roughly 10 miles upstream from its confluence with the Columbia River, in a reach that is susceptible to sediment deposition and lateral migration.
This section of the river is designated as a Wild and Scenic River and is adjacent to the popular Oxbow Park.
Habitat goals include mainstem large wood jams, side channel enhancements, floodplain reconnection, and revegetation. Additional goals include stabilization lahar banks to protect the Park boat ramp and stream crossings for pedestrian trails and light vehicles. W2r is leading a large team of consultants to conduct surveying, geomorphic assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, permitting, alternatives analysis, final design, and construction oversight. The project involves extensive stakeholder involvement with multiple landowners and technical partners. The Sandy River is still adapting to centuries of volcanic activity from Mt. Hood. The project technically complex as we design habitat features that persist within a dramatically dynamic river. We must also address heavy recreational use and preserve the natural vegetation and low impact of the park.