Green Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is becoming more and more challenging with increased regulation, increased expectations, and shrinking budgets. The need for cost effective reliable solutions that comply with multiple levels of regulation and improve stream health is higher than ever. Through our experience working for development, public utilities, and non-profits we have developed a partnership approach that focuses firstly on what works on the ground to protect the environment, what can be supported by the local community, and how these strategies meet regulations.

Marjorie Wolfe has contributed to Green Stormwater Design Manuals
Marjorie Wolfe has contributed to various Green Stormwater Design Manuals.

We specialize in developing green stormwater infrastructure on the site and landscape scale that improves water quality and mimics natural hydrology. This design experience is grounded in an understanding of hydrologic processes and the ecosystems that depend on them. We aim to minimize costs with designs that take into account lifecycle costs and long term maintenance by clearly specifying critical components such as soil structure and planting plans. Our designs often form part of the landscape aesthetics which is important for long term viability.

Stormwater Management - Stormwater damageStormwater master planning can be a viable tool to understanding what approaches are most effective over time in a particular watershed to improve stream health and minimize flooding most cost effectively. Unfortunately, they are instead a long list of unrealistic capital improvement projects that far exceed budgets. We develop plans with an integrated understanding of watershed processes and the hydrology that supports them. Such plans build on the natural environment to enhance such features as wetlands, floodplains, and riparian areas. This approach reduces costs of compliance while minimizing flooding risk of ecosystem damage. We combine improvements to existing storm systems with fair and reasonable expectations for development that reduces costs for both private and public sectors.
Stormwater Management - GSIWe understand the development of design standards and code from both the utility and private development perspectives. Such products need to clearly convey expectations for stormwater management designs for all parties. Vague or inconsistent application of standards causes costly delays, financial risks and legal uncertainties. Our experience as designers as well as development plan reviewers, brings a unique and integrated perspective to stormwater standards and code development.