Floodplain Planning and Design

Floodplain management involves restoring and preserving natural and beneficial functions that minimize flood risk and damage ensuring public health and safety. NOAA estimates that 30 Year Flood Loss Averages equal $8.2 Billion in damages/year and 89 fatalities/year. Rivers are incredibly dynamic systems and floodplains are critical to attenuating both flow and sediment for long term stability. Historically floodplains have also provided prime development and agricultural land. As a result of a biological opinion (BiOP) floodplain development will be required to assess and mitigate for effects to endangered species. All of these considerations must be considered in effective floodplain management.

Floodplain Management - RegulationsAs a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) Marjorie is trained in FEMA regulations and how local ordinances can achieve cost effective and safe floodplain management. She worked on the Community rating system (CRS) update to integrate stormwater reporting requirements match other permits. We work with local communities to develop ordinances that protect people and infrastructure while preserving beneficial functions to reduce long-term costs.
Floodplain Management - DrainageWe are familiar with FEMA required hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to define floodplains and floodways as well as map amendment processes. We have also provided floodplain and drainage studies for all projects that require modification of channels and floodplains such as restoration projects, bridges and culverts for many jurisdictions.
Floodplain Management - FloodplainsActive floodplains are a critical to stream processes by providing important flow attenuation, storage, and water quality functions. By applying ecosystem restoration design, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and flood mitigation principles our designs restore processes that maintain active floodplains over the long term. Protecting and restoring natural and beneficial functions of floodplains is becoming a mainstream floodplain management strategy that can also protect infrastructure.